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The key details bar groups and highlights the most relevant information on a page so that agents can find it easily.

It has only been researched on agent-facing services.

When to use this component

Use the key details bar when there is a small set of information that users check before starting a task or refer to while doing it.

Examples of key details could include:

  • name
  • National Insurance number
  • date of birth
  • phone number
  • postcode
  • appointee status
  • claim status

When not to use this component

Too much text will make this component hard to use, especially on smaller screens. Before using this component always check it on a range of screen sizes, including mobile devices.

If you need to highlight more information than can be usefully shown in the key details bar on a mobile device, use a different solution.

How it works

The key details bar has a top block for the first and second most important items, and an optional bottom block for other key details.

You should use:

  • in the top block: no more than two items plus an optional status tag
  • in the bottom block: no more than four items

In the top block, do not use the same style for multiple items.

Using status tags

You can use the tag component from the GOV.UK Design System in the key details bar when something can have more than one status and it’s useful to the user to know that status.

Technical details

The key details bar should be placed outside the <main> tag. This will allow a screen reader user to skip past it using the skip link.

You may need your <h1> to reference something from the key details bar so that it still makes sense when a screen reader user skips the bar. This may be required even if your <h1> is visually hidden.

Research on this component

This component has only been researched on agent-facing services.

Services using this component

This is an updated version of a component used in several DWP services:

  • Access to work
  • Apply for New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance

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