Design your service using DWP components and patterns

Use this design system to make your service consistent with DWP services. Learn from the research and experience of other service teams and avoid repeating work that’s already been done.


Components are reusable parts of the user interface that have been made to support a variety of applications.

Internal services footer

The internal services footer is a simplified standard footer for services used by DWP staff or agents.

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Hint text

Hint text gives extra information that helps people to answer a question.

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Key details bar

The key details bar groups and highlights the most relevant information on a page so that agents can find it easily.

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Patterns are best practice design solutions for specific user-focused tasks and page types.

Add another thing

Help users to add more than one thing of the same type.

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Toggle to Welsh

This pattern lets the user change the language used in a service from English to Welsh and from Welsh to English.

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Manage session timeout

Use this pattern to warn users that their session is about to end and explain what has happened after the session has timed out.

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The DWP Design System is maintained by the DWP Design System team. Anyone can contribute to it by proposing new components or patterns and sharing their research and findings.

How to propose a component or pattern

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