Community and contribution

The DWP Design System is for everyone. It brings together the latest research, design and development from across DWP teams to make sure it’s representative and relevant for its users.

The community backlog and roadmap

The community backlog is a list of the components and patterns currently proposed for the DWP Design System. The backlog shows the design’s status and includes any comments and feedback we’ve received.

The DWP Design System roadmap gives an overview of the work currently being carried out by the team.

How to contribute

Anyone can contribute to the Design System by proposing a new component or pattern, developing an existing component or pattern or adding any research or findings to existing components or patterns.

We use the GOV.UK Design System’s contribution criteria before publishing new designs or changes to existing components or patterns

If you are proposing a new component or pattern

  • Check the GOV.UK Design System and the DWP Design System Community Backlog to see if the component and pattern already exists. If your idea is on the backlog and marked as ‘proposed’, follow the link and comment on the issue.
  • If your proposed design is not on the backlog, create a new ticket in the DWP community backlog. Tell us why you need the component or pattern and share any examples or evidence you have to support the proposal.
  • The Design System team will be in contact with you to help with the development of the new component or pattern.

If you are developing an existing component or pattern

  • Use the DWP Design System community backlog to find the existing ticket.
  • Add your comments, feedback and examples of the component or pattern in use to the ticket.
  • The Design System team will be in contact with you to talk through your findings and discuss if more work is needed.

Sharing your research

We need the community to share their research and findings from services across DWP to help keep components and patterns relevant and representative. You can add your research to existing proposals and tickets in the community backlog or get in touch with the Design System team.

DWP Design Examples

The DWP Design Examples (opens in confluence) is a reference tool run by the Interaction Design community. It includes interaction flows, components and patterns designers across DWP are working on to help solve user needs. Each design includes examples of its use and any research that has been gathered. The DWP Design Examples are held on confluence.

The Design System team

The DWP Design System team can help and support to create and develop new and existing components and patterns.

Get in touch

If you’ve got a question, idea or suggestion share it in #design-system channel on Slack or email the Design System team on