Community guides Propose a component or pattern

Anyone can propose a new component or pattern for the DWP Design System.

To be successful, proposals need to show that the component or pattern being suggested would be useful and unique.

Follow 3 steps to propose a component or pattern for the Design System.

1. Check the community backlog

Check if someone else has already suggested your idea or something similar on the community backlog.

If your idea is on the backlog and marked as ‘proposed’, follow the link and comment on the issue. Say you need the component or pattern and share any examples or evidence you have to support the proposal.

If it’s marked ‘to do’ and you would like to work on it, read how to develop a component or pattern.

2. Raise an issue

If your idea is not on the backlog, raise an issue.

At this stage, you just need to present your idea and evidence of the user needs. You can include screenshots or links to versions of the component or pattern in use, but avoid spending time working on a specific design or writing code.

3. Present your proposal

You will need to present your original proposal and thinking at the weekly crit or a specially arranged meeting.

At the meeting, the team will review your proposal and decide if it is useful and unique. This review helps people avoid spending time and effort on something that’s not needed for the design system.

If the team agrees your proposal is useful and unique, the team will mark it as ‘to do’ on the backlog.

At this point, you can either start to develop the component or pattern or leave it for someone else to work on.

Get in touch

If you’ve got a question, idea or suggestion share it in #design-system channel on Slack or email the Design System team on