The DWP Design System is built upon the research and experience of teams across the DWP.

Anyone can propose, develop or contribute to new patterns and components, or suggest improvements to existing ones.

Here is a list of the components, patterns and updates currently on the DWP Design System Community Backlog. They can be:

  • Proposed - someone has suggested a new component or pattern
  • To do - the proposed component or pattern has been agreed and is ready to work on
  • In progress - someone is working on the component or pattern

In progress

Name Status
Add another thing In progress
Get help with an application or service In progress
Hint text In progress

Community backlog

Name Status
Add items to a list Proposed
Advisor instructions/actions Proposed
Alternative form of contact with citizen needed Proposed
Claim start date Proposed
Confirm action Proposed
Confirmation of actions of Agent screens Proposed
Contact preferences Proposed
Display CIS Markers Proposed
Error/Timeout pages when we can't infer the language Proposed
Filters To do
Find my address by postcode/house number Proposed
Find someone Proposed
Navigation menu To do
Pagination control Proposed
Presenting the amount and terms of financial support Proposed
Search Proposed
Staying Safe online Proposed
Upload documents Proposed

DWP Design Examples

Here is a list of the components and patterns that have been captured in the DWP Design Examples (opens in confluence). The library is owned by the DWP Interaction Design community.

Accessible date picker
Agent interfaces
Alternative formats
Asking for binary sex data
Capture International Addresses
Citizen facing Habitual Residency test [Residency]
Enter address (postcode look up)
Find a citizen record (National Insurance number)
Get support to use the digital service
Key details bar
Print something
Sign out of a service

Get in touch

If you’ve got a question, idea or suggestion share it in #design-system channel on Slack or email the Design System team on